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The Spirit of Val d’Isère

In the good old times, Professor Luc Picard opened the Val d’Isère meeting each year by inviting the guests to introduce themselves. By tradition, the participants always included the site of their training in their introduction. Once a British colleague stood up saying: hello, my name is James Byrne, and I was trained here, in Val d’Isère.

He spoke for many of us. Since then, his statement remains the symbol of Val d’Isère for me.

This past Monday, Luc left us without his exceptional kindness and wisdom.

He remains with us forever as the Spirit of Val d’Isère.

Istvan Szikora M.D.,Ph.D.

President, European Board of Neurointerventions

The European Board of Neuro­intervention

The European Board of Neurointervention – EBNI – is a forum for recognition of competence and skills necessary for specialist physicians to master when involved in neurointerventions. The Board was founded in December 2016 as a ad hoc committee of ESMINT but is now an independent society devoted to guidance in teaching, training, practice and accreditation in neurointervention. EBNI is an independent institution free of any commercial influence.

What we do

Multidisciplinary approach

The treatment of and care for patients in need of neurointerventional therapy is dependent on a wide variety of specialist knowledge including several different neuroscience fields. As a consequence, EBNI is convinced that almost any specialist physician can train to become a neurointerventionist. EBNI is therefore prepared to accept fellowship in the Board by all skilled and trained neurointerventionists, regardless of underlying specialty.

Provide guidelines

The Board will provide up to date guidelines for teaching and training including examination and practice with the expressed goal of providing safe and best possible treatment and care for patients in need of interventional procedures in the brain, head or spine.

Recognize competence and skills

The Board will arrange programs by which peer review is used to ascertain recognition trough accreditation of competence and skills in the already established individual neurointerventionist. The Board will also provide guidelines making it possible for institutions training future neurointerventionists to be regognized as having an EBNI-accredited training program.

Prof. Olof Flodmark

Professor of Paediatric Neuroradiology

I am very proud of having been asked to lead this pioneering work in assembling experts from different specialties to achieve these important goals. I am myself not a neurointerventionist but I will rely on experience from previous involvement in similar tasks within ESNR, WFNRS, WFITN and UEMS.


Established neurointerventionists

If you are an already established neurointerventionist and want to have your competence and skill recognized by your colleagues, you can apply for such accreditation trough a peer review process organized by EBNI. Here you find the steering documents and instructions how to apply to become a “Fellow of European Board of Neurointervention”.

Neurointerventional training centers

Here you will find information on the EBNI program to accredit training programs in Neurointervention. (Guideline)


Here you find current and updated guidelines in the field of Neurointervention. (Guidelines)

Experts involved in the accreditation of individuals and programs.
Accredited neuro­interventionists, “Fellows of European Board of Neuro­intervention".
Accredited training centers in Neuro­intervention.
Educational courses

Apply now

Apply here to become a “Fellow of European Board of Neurointervention”

Apply here

The EBNI Board 2021

Prof. Istvan Szikora - President neurointerventionalist - representing Neuroradiology / ESMINT - Budapest

Prof. Patrick Brouwer - General Secretary neurointerventionalist - representing Neuroradiology / ESMINT - Leiden

Prof. Christophe Cognard - Member at large neurointerventionalist - representing Neuroradiology / ESMINT - Toulouse

Prof. Marc Ribo - Treasurer neurointerventionalist - representing Neurology / ESO - Barcelona

Prof. Andreas Gruber - Member at large neurointerventionalist - representing Neurosurgery / EANS - Linz

Prof. Sandor Nardai - Member at large neurointerventionalist - representing Cardiology / EAPCI - Budapest

Prof. Wim van Zwam - Member at large neurointerventionalist - Maastricht